Fuels West - an independent supplier of fuel, oil and lubricants to Western Australia

Fuels West bringing competitive fuel prices to regional areas of Western Australia

Fuels West = fuel supplier to the South West

When you're sick of the high fuel prices and really want to do something about it, then contact Gordon at Fuels West - we have the solution!

Fuels West’s aim is to become a market leader in bringing essential industries such as fuel back to the regional centres. We have already reduced the margins charged by major companies on bulk fuel and lubricants, we also need the marketing power of your purchasing volume to negotiate even better deals.

Don’t let the big guys control our industry!

Put your trust in Fuels West and we will negotiate the best long term deals from the major refineries for YOU.

Fuels West is a regionally owned & operated fuel and lubricant supplier in Western Australia:

Routes for Fuels West

Fuels West Petroleum offers diesel, unleaded and premium to customers between Albany, Perth and the Great Southern an opportunity to develop a strong relationship with a creditable independent fuel company. Our success in the lower South West in being able to provide true long term value to our customers is now available to Great Southern Customers.

So let us fight for a better fuel deal (because that's OUR business) and allow you to focus on your business strengths.
Contact Gordon who is only too pleased to discuss the benefits of dealing with Fuels West Petroleum .

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