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Frequently Asked Questions


Fuel Card Payment Terminal - Eftpos/Credit Card Access - 24hrs/7days

Q: Which way do I insert the card into the payment terminal?
Answer: Card Insert - all cards are inserted the same way up.

Q: How do you activate the payment terminal?
Answer: Card Intructions - Credit Card, Cheque/Savings & Receipt

Q: How often can I access the fuel sites?
Answer: 24 hours 7 days a week.

Q: How do I pay for my fuel?
Answer: Use your Savings, Cheque, Credit Card or United Card at the payment terminal located on site.
Note: Facility does not accept cash

Q: Does the payment terminal require a PIN number on my Eftpos/Credit Card?
Answer: Yes you require a PIN number on your Eftpos/Credit Card (contact your bank if you don't have one).

Q: Can I get a receipt?
Answer: Yes, receipts are available from the payment terminal after you've filled up. Wait 1 minute after refueling until the terminal flashes "please wait". After this, insert and remove your card and retrieve the receipt from the payment terminal. Receipt Instructions

Q: Is the receipt a tax invoice?
Answer: Yes the receipt printed out of the terminal is a tax invoice for Eftpos/Credit Cards. United Card holders receive end of month statements for invoices.

Q: Why are we charged a surcharge fee?
Answer: Unfortunately Merchant facilities are hit with surcharge fees. At Fuels West we show these fees up front, rather than hiding them in the litre price. Note: United Cards are not subject to these fees.

Q: On Credit Cards why is there an authorisation amount
Answer: The bank requires the payment terminal to confirm there are sufficient funds before proceeding with the transaction. Note: The authorisation amount is not your credit card limit, only an estimate of how much fuel you want.

Q: What if I don't know how much I need to fill up?
Answer: The authorisation amount is only a pending amount (maximum) you want to purchase on your credit card. For example; If you pre-authorise $100.00 and only fill $75.00, then you'll only be charged $75.00.

Q: I have just looked on my Internet Banking and the authorisation amount is sitting there on my statement?
Answer: The bank will hold this amount (pending) until it receives the correct charge from Fuels West Petroleum's payment terminal, which usually only takes 1 to 2 working days.

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